tmobile-signWhen a company like a carrier tells you that you have unlimited data to do as you wish, you would not be wrong to be skeptical of such claims. After all they are a business and not a charity, meaning that somewhere there has to be a catch. That is the case with T-Mobile and their unlimited data plans in which the carrier pretty much throttled users who went above a certain limit.


This obviously did not sit well with the FCC who felt that the carrier was being misleading with their claims of unlimited data if they were to throttle its users, and it looks like the issue has since been settled with T-Mobile agreeing to pay $48 million to settle the issue with the FCC once and for all.

It should be noted that the FCC has no problems with throttling, but rather they had issue with the way T-Mobile had marketed the plan. According to FCC Enforcement Bureau Chief Travis LeBlanc, “Consumers should not have to guess whether so-called ‘unlimited’ data plans contain key restrictions, like speed constraints, data caps, and other material limitations.”

The $48 million will be broken down into $7.5 million which will be paid directly to the US Treasury, $5 million in services and equipment which will be provided to schools in America, and $35.5 million through a consumer benefit program that includes additional data for affected users and a 20% discount on in-stock phone accessories.

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