tesla_model_x_1Turn back the clock 10 years and the idea of electric cars dominating the roads would seem quite ludicrous. This is because back then, charging stations were few and far in between, and the range offered by electric cars back then was pretty much laughable. Fast forward today and it’s a very different picture we are looking at.

In fact it seems that electric cars are on the rise because according to recent reports, Tesla is actually dominating the sales of luxury cars in the US. According to the numbers, Tesla is boasting that they are responsible for about a third of all sales in the luxury sedan market in the US, or to be more specific, 32%.

The company’s Model S sedan has overtaken the likes of more “traditional” luxury sedan carmakers such as Mercedes-Benz’s S-Class who comes in at second place with 17%, and BMW’s 7-series which comes in third at 13%. These are the only two companies who come remotely close to Tesla’s numbers, with other carmakers such as Audi, Maserati, Porsche, and Lexus sporting only single digits in that particular segment.

However in all fairness, we are talking about the luxury car segment meaning that Tesla is far from dominating the car market, but it is a sign of how things are changing for the electric car scene.

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