vrc-body-scan-3[CEATEC 2016] If you’re trying to create models that are close to the human shape as possible, obviously 3D scanning is the way to go, as opposed to having to create the wireframes and models from scratch. However 3D scanning is typically a slow process, which means that if you have hundreds of models to create, it could take you a while.

However this year CEATEC, a company by the name of VRC has taken the wraps off the Shun’X, a 3D body scanner that is said to work much quicker than the rest. We have been told that it takes about 4 seconds just to scan a person, versus the 10 or more seconds from a regular body scanner. This means that the person won’t have to hold still for so long which could reduce errors in the scan.

vrc-body-scan-2The rep also told us that it takes about 30 seconds for the image to appear, and if we wait an additional 2 minutes, a much clearer and complete scan can be generated. So basically each scan will take a total of 2 minutes 34 seconds from start to end, which we have to say is pretty fast.

Body scanners can be used for all sorts of things, such as gaming, the fashion industry, virtual reality, and more. The entire setup is also customizable depending on the customer’s needs. We are told that the model shown off at CEATEC is the largest it can get, but there are smaller options as well. It houses 8 Nikon D5500’s equipped with the kit lens as well ASUS Xtion Pro Live depth cameras.

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