Microsoft today announced that it’s expanding its Arena platform to enable Xbox owners to create their own competitive gaming tournaments. The company launched the Arena platform in preview a while back, it enables players to compete in organized tournaments via Xbox Live. Tournaments could previously be organized only by game developers, e-sports organizations or by Microsoft itself. That changes now.

“We want to give gamers the ability to create their own tournaments and challenges,” said Microsoft’s Jenn McCoy, what this means is that Xbox Live members will eventually get the ability to start their own custom e-sports tournaments.

Once a tournament has been created, the criteria decided, and the participants selected, combatants will automatically be pulled into the game directly from a notification on Xbox Live that will be accessible on mobile devices, PC as well as the Xbox console.

This is a good move by Microsoft as it makes the Xbox One the first major gaming console that enables players to create their own tournaments. It allows competitive players to take part in tournaments even if they are unable to meet the criteria to compete in proper professional tournaments.

Arena will first be rolled out to members of the Preview program, it’s going to be released publicly for everyone when the Windows 10 Creator’s Update arrives early next year.

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