apple-macbook-pro-1Not all SSDs were created equal. Apple generally doesn’t like to share the technical specs of their products, which is why some might think the new MacBook Pros are a bit overpriced for the specs that they are offering. However as it turns out, the 15-inch MacBook Pro could actually be packing the fastest SSD on the market right now.

According to a recent benchmark test performed by ComputerWorld (via 9to5Mac), it has been discovered that Apple’s new MacBook Pro has an SSD that reportedly clocks a read speed of 3.1Gbps and a write speed of 2.2Gbps. Their testing also found that the 13-inch MacBook Pro is no slouch either as it boasts the same read speed as the 15-inch model, and a write speed that is just marginally slower at 2.1Gbps.

Some analysts believe that this puts Apple at least two years ahead of the competition. According to Jeff Janukowicz, research vice president at IDC, “With regard to PCIe, Apple has been a pioneer when it comes to PCIe/NVMe storage. They were the first PC company to broadly adopt it across its laptop portfolio while other companies today are still just using it in a very limited portion of their PC lineup.”

So like we said, granted the new MacBook Pros are pretty expensive and there’s no denying that, but if real-life performance of its SSDs matches up to the benchmarks, it might be able to justify its price. That being said, there are rumors that Apple could reduce the price of its laptops in the second half of 2017, so you could always wait for that.

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