Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant feature is pretty nifty in the sense that Amazon is constantly updating it with new “skills”, which are basically commands and functions that it can do after being given a voice command. If you’re someone who loves cooking, you’ll be pleased to learn that Alexa has gotten a massive update via Allrecipes.

Basically with this update, Allrecipes will be bringing 60,000 recipes to Alexa. This means that you’ll be able to get recipes for all kinds of dishes and it will tell you how to go about cooking it. It is even smart enough where you can tell it what kind of ingredients you have on hand, and it will try to find a recipe that can match it.

Users will be able to pause the instructions halfway, repeat them, or skip ahead a few steps if you’re a more seasoned chef. It is pretty cool and given that Alexa is a voice assistant, it also means that you won’t need to use your hands as you will be able to interact with Alexa via your voice.

The skills from Allrecipes will be available via any device that supports Alexa, like the Amazon Echo, the Echo Dot, the Tap, and so on, so if you own any of those devices and other devices with Alexa on it, you should be able to access these skills with any issue. Say goodbye to flour-covered smartphones and tablets!

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