If you want to make sure that your Amazon order contains what it says it does without having to open the box, you’re in luck because Amazon has introduced a new feature to its iPhone app that basically lets you X-ray the box. This lets users see its contents without opening the box, so in the event that it is wrong, you can send it back without having to repackage it.

So how does this work? First of this isn’t actual X-ray scanning, by the way. Instead what users do is they launch the camera app within the Amazon app and then point it at the barcode on the box. Once the code has been scanned, the app will be able to bring up images of the products inside the box. Not the actual product sitting within the box, but a photo of the product just for visual reference.

It works even if the box contains multiple items within it as it will be able to sort them out, as you can see in the video demonstration above. Now for those who are concerned about privacy and about random people stopping by your house to scan your items, not to worry as it will not work for them.

From what we can tell, you will need to be signed into your Amazon account on the app, which means that the app can tell what you’ve ordered and check that against the barcode. If it’s not yours then it won’t display the items. Pretty cool, huh?

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