Avatar was one of the biggest movies to come out back in 2009 and it has taken on a cult following of its own. Director James Cameron has already confirmed that there’s going to be a sequel and it was recently revealed that the production on the sequel will begin in 2016. It still hasn’t been confirmed when the first Avatar sequel is going to be released, but the Avatar 2 release date might have possibly been revealed by Fox.

Fox, the studio, has released a new schedule which also lists a new movie from Cameron’s production company. The studio has set December 21st, 2018 as the release date for the film from Lightstorm Entertainment, Cameron’s production company.

Rumors have suggested that the Avatar 2 release date will fall around Christmas 2018 and Cameron himself has said that he hopes the movie will be ready by then. This expected release date mentioned in Fox’s schedule sits nicely in that timeline.

Whatever the Avatar 2 release date ends up being, I’m sure fans of the first movie will flock to theaters to check it out. Cameron has been pushing to make the film in glasses-free 3D but it’s unclear right now if that’s going to be the case at least with the first sequel.

Yes, Avatar 2 is only going to be the first sequel. It has already been confirmed that a total of four sequels will be released for the 2009 hit.

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