The much-awaited sequel to the first Avatar movie was expected to hit the big screen next year but now director James Cameron has confirmed that the Avatar 2 release date is not going to be in 2018. Cameron has confirmed that fans of the movie will have to wait for a bit more time before they get to see what happens next in the Avatar universe.

Speaking to The Toronto Star about the Avatar 2 release date, Cameron said that “2018 is not happening.” He also mentioned that they needed a lot of time to make the first film and pointed out that the upcoming sequels will be an “epic undertaking” which will take up the next eight years of his life.

When the first Avatar film was released back in 2009, Cameron said that there were going to be two sequels. Since then, he has confirmed that a total of four Avatar sequels will be made and that they will be filmed back to back.

As the project has grown to be more ambitious, the release dates have been pushed back. The Avatar 2 release date was first set in 2015, then delayed to 2016, 2017, and 2018. One can only imagine what year we’ll be in when the fourth sequel comes out.

Cameron hasn’t confirmed as yet if the film will be out in 2019 or if we may have to wait even beyond that. I’m sure that’s not something that the fans would particularly like.

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