diablo-1It’s safe to say that following the rumors that there could be a Diablo 4 announced at BlizzCon 2016 this year, many gamers were disappointed when that did not happen. Instead what Blizzard gave us as a new “premium” (read: paid) class for Diablo 3 in the form of the Necromancer, and the remake of the original Diablo within Diablo 3 itself.

The remake of the original Diablo is part of the “Darkening of Tristram” patch which is expected to be released next year. However it turns out that Blizzard has plans to make it an annual event, meaning that if for some reason you missed out on the opportunity to take part in it this year, not to worry as there will be next year.

Apart from nostalgia, players will also be able to get their hands on exclusive rewards like portraits, sigils, banners, and pets for participating in the event. They will also be able to get exclusive loot, such as a legendary gem for the helmet slot in the form of the Soulstone, which for players not familiar with Diablo lore is the stone that housed the essence of Diablo, at least until he broke free again.

Also in case you missed the previous announcement, the Darkening of Tristram will also introduce a retro makeover of the game to make it look and feel like the original Diablo from back in the day, which includes pixelated graphics and also limiting character movements to 8 directions, making it feel less “fluid” than Diablo 3.

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