warcraft movieWith the quality that gamers have come to expect from Blizzard’s games, many had hoped and assumed that the same quality and attention to detail would be paid to the Warcraft movie by Legendary Pictures. Unfortunately save for China, the movie was considered a flop based on the many reviews we read for it.

Granted its financial success in China could suggest that maybe we could get a sequel, but whether or not its director Duncan Jones will return is a different story. Recently Jones said that he would not mind doing another Warcraft movie under the right conditions, and when asked what those conditions would be, Jones replied by saying, “lower budget, less cooks in the kitchen. ;)”

Jones does not elaborate further than that, but the movie’s previous director Sam Raimi had also previously hinted at similar issues. Apparently Blizzard had veto power over the movie, meaning that they could make changes if they did not like the direction that the movie was heading towards.

However as Jones hints, too many cooks will spoil the broth, meaning that sometimes having too much input isn’t necessarily a good thing. In any case we’re not sure what the future of the Blizzard cinematic universe holds, but would you like to see a sequel to the Warcraft movie? Or maybe there’s another Blizzard franchise that you think could do better? Overwatch? StarCraft?

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