The Eero mesh Wi-Fi router system was launched last year. It was billed as a system that’s future-proof to handle any and all modern Wi-Fi devices and their demands. This little router is actually capable of performing the function of a router, a repeater, and a range extender all by itself and now it’s getting even better. Eero has received its biggest software update since launch, one that also integrates Amazon’s Alexa digital personal assistant.

The latest software update for Eero improves connectivity between devices and the company’s routers. It also provides users with the ability to control the router through Amazon’s Alexa digital personal assistant.

The company claims that once the update is installed, users will notice that speeds between Eero routers are twice as fast as before. The system gets improved intelligence for routing traffic in order to provide users with better speed and a more reliable connection so that interference can be avoided.

In order to use Alexa integration, Eero users will be required to have an Amazon Echo device. The Eero skill for Alexa will enable users to control Family Profiles to restrict speeds to certain devices, turn the LED light on or off, and even locate devices in the home based on the most recent Eero unit they were connected to all using voice commands.

Eero’s biggest software update since launch is now rolling out to all users today.

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