Update – According to Super Evil Megacorp’s PR reps, they have reached out to clarify that the developer is not in talks with Facebook about eSports streaming. As it stands the company is exclusive partners with Twitch. What this means is that at the moment, it is unclear who could be in talks with Facebook, assuming the report is true to begin with. The original story continues below.


The eSports scene is a big one, and even more traditional sporting channels such as ESPN have shows dedicated to it. Even Amazon has acknowledged it by purchasing live streaming company Twitch. Let’s not forget the millions upon millions that Valve’s The International DotA 2 has single handedly raised.

This is why it does not come as a surprise to learn that Facebook wants a slice of that pie as well. According to a report from The Information (paywall; via Engadget), it seems that Facebook is currently in talks with Super Evil Megacorp, the developers behind mobile MOBA Vainglory, about streaming professional matches on Facebook’s platform.

As it stands, Facebook already supports live streaming via Facebook Live, so for Facebook to be able to broadcast live video game matches does not really seem like much of a stretch. However according to Kristian Segerstrale, Super Evil Megacorp’s chief operating officer, it seems that nothing has been finalized yet.

The report goes on to add that Facebook is also in talks with major publishers such as Activision to get the rights to stream more eSport competitions, but whether or not anything will materialize from these talks remains to be seen, but what do you guys think? Would you like to see Facebook become a hub to watch eSport competitions?

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