Apple’s iPhone 7 is IP67 certified, meaning that to a certain extent, it is both water and dust resistant. Google’s Pixel phones, unfortunately, do not have the same protection rating. However if both phones do share one thing in common, is that neither of them have really been designed to withstand drops, or at least not specifically.


This is why in the video above uploaded by, it seems to be more for fun than anything when both the Google Pixel and iPhone 7 are dropped from 1,000 feet. Safe to say that pretty much all phones won’t survive such a height, so the question is exactly how badly damaged are the phones as a result?

How this was accomplished was that both phones were attached onto a drone, flown to 1,000 feet, and then released. We have to say that this is probably one of the more painful things we’ve seen done to gadgets, and like we said, neither device really survived the fall, although the Pixel somehow did not end up quite as damaged as the iPhone 7, but then again it is possible that this is due to the way it landed.

In any case we doubt any of you guys will be dropping your phones from 1,000 feet, but it’s good to know that the Google Pixel appears to be the “tougher” of the two.

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Product NamePixeliPhone 7
Diagonal (inches)5"4.7"
Battery Capacity (mAh)2770 mAh1960 mAh
Processor NameMSM8996 Snapdragon 821A10
RAM Options4GB2GB
Street Price$199 Google Pixel on Amazon$425 iPhone 7 on Amazon
Link to full specsGoogle Pixel Full specs and detailsiPhone 7 Full specs and details
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