htc-bolt-17According to a report from yesterday, we heard the rumors that HTC could be considering selling off their phone business. Considering that HTC isn’t exactly the market leader at the moment, nor are they even close, we guess it would not be a complete surprise if the report was true.

However as it turns out, maybe it isn’t so true after all. According to the Taiwanese media (via Softpedia), it seems that HTC has denied those rumors but has refused to go further in detail. We have yet to hear from HTC in the US regarding those rumors, but assuming the Taiwanese report is any accurate, we guess the company isn’t selling off their phone business after all.

Like we said, HTC isn’t exactly doing so hot right now so a sale would not be surprising. However whether or not the company who buys them out can revive sales and rejuvenate the brand remains to be seen. Note that this isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors about HTC planning on selling themselves, but for now the official stance of the company is that they are not for sale.

That being said, HTC does other have ventures besides smartphones. Recently they got into the virtual reality game thanks to a partnership with Valve in which the HTC Vive VR headset was created.

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