loreal-virtual-realityThere are certain things that can’t exactly be taught using just textbooks and going to lectures. Hairdressing is one of those things since you’d actually need to be able to see the hair, touch it, feel it, to get a better understanding of how to go about cutting and styling it, and the folks at L’Oreal are turning to virtual reality to help impart that knowledge.

In partnership with software developer 8i and the Matrix Academy, they have developed a training program that takes advantage of virtual reality. Students who are participating in the class will be able to walk around and observe a virtual hairdresser style the hair of a virtual client. They’ll be able to study the hair and techniques from various angles, one of which puts them in the shoe of the stylist themselves.

Granted hairstylists prior to this learnt their skills the old fashioned way, but if this can help speed up the process or make it easier for some people to grasp, then why not? According to the initial feedback from the beta tests, it seems that many have reacted to the new program positively.

The Matrix Academy is expected to begin piloting more of these classes in 2017 in 25 of their schools across the US, and have hopes that it will eventually become a global program.

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