apple-macbook-pro-3The list of features that Apple has removed from its new MacBook Pros almost seems to be longer than the list of new features that they have added to the laptop. The latest feature that seems to have gone missing would be optical audio out, which is achieved via the headphone jack.

According to AppleInsider, the specs of the MacBook Pro would state that the 3.5mm headphone jack would “support for audio line out (digital/analog).” However in the case of the new MacBook Pros, it does not mention anything, meaning that the jack is basically a headphone jack and nothing more.

When the publication reached out to Apple for clarification, the company replied by saying that the feature was removed due to the lack of customers using the feature, and that if users wanted optical audio out connectivity, there are “plenty of USB-C zero-latency professional peripherals are available now, or coming very soon”.

Like we said, the optical audio out appears to be the latest feature that Apple has removed in its new MacBook Pros. Earlier we had reported that other features in the older MacBook Pros that have since been removed include the USB-A ports, the startup chime (which can be re-enabled), and the SD card slot. One could make the argument that Apple is preparing us for the future, but do you guys think? Is this futureproofing by Apple, or is it just the needless removal of features?

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