Microsoft launched the Surface 3 tablet in March last year and it was released in most markets across the globe a few weeks later. This cheaper iteration of Microsoft’s Surface tablet turned out to be quite popular and performed well in the market but it appears to be quietly fading into oblivion almost two years after it was first launched.

Microsoft confirmed earlier this year in June that it’s going to stop production of the Surface 3 as it no longer makes sense for the company to keep this product around. What this means is that retailers will sell any remaining stock that they might have and the company won’t restock the tablet since it’s not producing any new units.

The Surface 3 has already reached the end of the road in several markets across the globe. The Microsoft Store is sold out of all three Surface 3 models in the United States. Retailers like Best Buy have some models in stock but they will surely run out soon. It’s the same story in the United Kingdom as well as some other markets.

The more expensive and powerful Surface Pro tablets continue to thrive, but Microsoft is yet to confirm whether it’s going to launch a successor to the Surface 3. There haven’t been any rumors and leaks concerning one so it seems that Microsoft is done with a cheap Surface tablet, at least for now. Who knows what the future holds.

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