Image credit - Herald-Tribune

Image credit – Herald-Tribune


Who do you think is faster? A bot that is scheduled to start buying tickets at the time of release down to the second, or someone sitting front of their computer frantically pressing away in hopes of being able to purchase a ticket for themselves? Naturally in this instance the bot would be faster.

This has led to the rise of online ticket scalping in which scalpers use bots to purchase tickets and resell them for higher prices later. This is an unfortunate consequence of technology, but thankfully over in New York, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has signed a legislation that effectively makes the practice illegal, where tickets purchased and resold using ticket bots are illegal.

According to Cuomo, “These unscrupulous speculators and their underhanded tactics have manipulated the marketplace and often leave New Yorkers and visitors alike with little choice but to buy tickets on the secondary market at an exorbitant mark-up. It’s predatory, it’s wrong and, with this legislation, we are taking an important step towards restoring fairness and equity back to this multi-billion dollar industry.”

New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman adds, “In recent years, it has become almost impossible to find affordable tickets – or even any tickets at all – for all popular shows. Brokers armed with illegal, high-speed ticket-buying bots have kept too many New Yorkers from attending the shows, sporting events, and cultural experiences that make New York so special.” That being said while it is now illegal, it doesn’t mean that it won’t still happen, although hopefully it will happen less frequently now.

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