Tesla has a lot riding on the Model 3. It’s the company’s first mass-market electric car that’s really going to put it in competition with the conventional car manufacturers. Merely a couple of days after GM announced that it’s mass-market electric car – the Chevy Bolt – is now being mass produced, Tesla today announced its intention to acquire Grohmann Engineering, a German automation company that specializes in automated manufacturing.

Tesla has been taking concrete steps to ensure that it’s able to churn out the hundreds of thousands of Model 3 units that have already been pre-ordered. It recently sold billions of dollars in stock to fund the expansion of its production facilities for this very purpose.

As part of this acquisition the founder of Grohmann Engineering, Klaus Grohmann, is going to join Tesla and lead a new division inside the company called Tesla Advanced Automation Germany. The company will also create an additional 1,000 engineering and technician jobs in Germany over the next two years as it gears up to significantly increase production of electric cars at its factory in Fremont, California.

Many elements of Tesla’s automated production systems will be developed by the new division located in Germany. The company believes that these advancements will bring out “exponential improvements in the speed and quality of production” which will prove to be very crucial as Tesla works hard to get the Model 3 on the production line by next year.

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