tesla_all_glass_roofWe know that there are some Tesla Model S owners who love having a sunroof on their cars, to feel the sun beating down on them while they drive. However if you just can’t get enough of the sun, not to worry because the company has recently announced that they will be adding an all-glass roof option to its Model S.

The good news is that the price of the all-glass option remains the same as the sunroof option, meaning that it will set you back $1,500 on top of the price of the car. According to Tesla’s description of the feature, “Tesla Recommended for an open, expansive cabin feel.” It seems like mostly an aesthetics thing, but if you think it’s worth the extra $1,500, then why not?

Tesla has since told the folks at Electrek that in terms of availability, the all-glass roof is entering production right now and should be available for viewing in the showrooms in the next few weeks. So if you’d rather see the feature for yourself as opposed to a computer-generated image, you could wait for a few weeks and then go check it out.

The company did not dive into the specifics of the all-glass roof, but Electrek speculates that we could be looking at similar UV and heat-blocking capabilities as the panoramic sunroof, which Tesla had previously claimed is capable of blocking 98% of UV rays and 81% of heat.

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