Microsoft has long said that it’s going to take some steps to cut down on the file sizes of Windows 10 updates. The company is now ready to share its progress. Microsoft has started testing a new Unified Update Platform today which is going to bring about a significant reduction in update file sizes for Windows 10. Since Windows 10 itself is a unified platform that works on multiple form factors, the Unified Update Platform will also provide its benefits to PC, tablet, smartphone, IoT, and HoloLens users.


It goes without saying that PC users are the biggest Windows 10 community and they’re going to be the ones that get the most out of this. Microsoft says that it has converged technologies in its build and publishing systems to enable differential downloads for all devices built on the PC and mobile OS.

The company claims that PC users can expect to see download sizes for Windows 10 updates fall by approximately 35 percent when they’re moving from one major update of Windows to another. It’s aiming to support this for feature updates after Windows 10 Creators Update is released early next year.

This test will first be limited to Windows Insiders who will get a chance to experience the improvements that the Unified Update Platform powers. Microsoft expects to start using this new platform for PC Insider builds later this year, the test will then be expanded to HoloLens and Internet of Things devices shortly after.

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