YouTube has announced today that it has enabled support for high dynamic range or HDR video on its platform, which happens to be the world’s biggest online video streaming platform access by countless people across the globe. HDR support won’t be of any use to you if you don’t have a compatible display or TV, those who do will be able to truly take advantage of the enhanced viewing experience that HDR offers.

HDR hardware is capable of displaying a wider range of colors as well as a more realistic range of blacks and whites when compatible content is being played. Compatible hardware is absolutely required otherwise the advantages of HDR get lost in the mix, so to speak.

Bear in mind that not all videos available on YouTube are HDR-compatible. To properly take advantage of its benefits you need to have HDR-ready hardware as well as HDR video and YouTube is now calling on its community to contribute more content in HDR as the standard is now supported by it.

YouTube has done a great job so far by embracing the video standards of the future. The world’s largest online video platform already has support for 360 degree video and 4K so adding support for HDR was naturally part of the progression to ensure that YouTube remains competitive against other video streaming platforms.

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