Amazon hasn’t made its Alexa digital personal assistant exclusive to its own hardware. It’s working with other manufacturers to bring Alexa to other devices as well, including but not limited to smartwatches. Alexa has now found its way inside a product that many might see an unorthodox. General Electric has created a new circular lamp which comes with Alexa preinstalled.


GE’s LED lamp looks quite futuristic and does what it’s supposed to do but it’s the Alexa support that makes it stand out from other lamps. The company hasn’t decided on a name for this product as yet so it’s just calling it the LED lamp.

Since it’s powered by Alexa, the lamp offers more or less the same functionality that an Amazon Echo device would. Alexa can respond to commands when spoken do and perform a wide variety of tasks for the user. The lamp does have built-in speakers but they can’t really match the Echo’s speakers so the music streaming experience won’t really be that good.

GE does mention that it hasn’t finalized the lamp’s design as yet so some changes could be made before this product hits the market. It’s unclear how much this LED lamp with Alexa is going to cost once it starts shipping in the second quarter of next year.

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