Apple is reportedly planning some major improvements for its Maps service to better compete against the behemoth that is Google Maps. According to a new report, Apple is going to rely on drones as well as new indoor navigation features to further improve Apple Maps. The company is said to be putting together a team of robotics and data-collection experts that will use drones to capture and update map information significantly faster than the company’s existing fleet of camera and sensor touting minivans can.

Bloomberg reports that Apple wants to use drones to capture installations like street signs, track changes to roads, and even monitor if areas are under construction.

The data would be sent back to this team which would rapidly update the Maps app to provide the most relevant information to users. New indoor navigation features are said to include views inside actual buildings as well as improvements to car navigation.

Apple launched its own mapping application back in 2012 but it was off to a very bad start. There were glitches and bugs that made it clear that Apple Maps had been rushed out the door. It’s much better now but Apple clearly needs to do more in order to catch market leader Google Maps.

Apple has not yet commented on this report so it’s unclear when the company’s drones will start flying around to capture information for its mapping service.

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