apple-storeApple’s retail stores tend to be pretty well-designed and nicely decorated inside. It is also what helps to set the company apart from other retailers whose stores might not be quite as interesting to look at. This is why it doesn’t really surprise us to learn that Apple apparently wanted to convert a wartime bunker in Stuttgart into a retail store.


It seems that the city of Stuttgart is still without an official Apple Store, and the nearest one is about 12 miles away in Sindelfingen, which is clearly not ideal for customers who live around the area. The company was scouting about for several locations and according to German tech site, Apple found what they liked in a series of wartime bunkers under the Stuttgarter Market Square that is located right in the middle of the city.

So much so that apparently Apple offered up a “three-digit million account” to buy it. While the bunkers have been used for commercial purposes in the past, such as a hotel, it seems that the city’s administration wasn’t too thrilled to have an Apple logo facing directly opposite the Stuttgart City Hall, and have since rejected Apple’s offer.

We have to admit that it would have made for a pretty interesting location, not to mention it would have been pretty iconic too, but unfortunately for now Apple will have to keep searching elsewhere.

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