assassin's_creed_movieCall us wishful thinkers, but for every video game movie adaptation that is released, we hope that this could be the movie that redefines such adaptations, especially after decades of trying. Ubisoft and Lionsgate’s Assassin’s Creed movie certainly did try to break that mold by saying it will be a “milestone”, but unfortunately it failed to live up to the hype.

According to a roundup of reviews that have been posted about the movie so far, most of them seem to be pretty negative about the movie. Some praised the movie’s costumes, the cast, and the action, but found that as a whole, it was lacking thanks to poor character and plot development.

Variety’s Owen Gleiberman was particularly scathing in his review in which part of it reads, “How is this video-game movie different from all other video-game movies? It’s got classier stars, but it’s really the same old sludge.” Of course not all of it was bad as Simone de Rochefort of Polygon seemed to have enjoyed it.

That being said at the end of the day, reviews can only tell you so much. If you are a fan of the franchise and want to give it a shot, why not? The same could be said for the Warcraft movie in which while many critics slammed the film, fans for the most part seemed to have loved it, so maybe the same could be said here as well.

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