Image credit - Aerrix

Image credit – Aerrix


If you were to participate in a worldwide Secret Santa event, who would you think your secret Santa is? There are many possibilities, but there’s a good chance that Redditor Aerrix did not expect it when a mysterious package showed up at her home, only for her to open it and find out that her secret Santa was none other than Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates.

As you can see in the photo above, there’s an image of Gates in a Santa hat holding a note. For those wondering about the legitimacy of the photo and whether or not it was Gates who sent the presents, the folks at IGN have been contacted by a representative of Gates who confirmed that the package is indeed authentic, and that Gates has participated in Reddit’s Secret Santa program for the past few years.

So what goodies did Gates leave for Aerrix? According to her post, she was gifted an Xbox One S Minecraft edition, three customer Xbox One controllers, an NES Classic, and matching Legend of Zelda mittens for herself and her dog, Claire. There was also a small note that reads, “I love my XBOX and thought you might like one too.”

How awesome is that, right? Of course given the number of people participating in the Secret Santa program, we guess it’s almost like drawing the lottery to get Gates as your secret Santa, but hey, if you’d like to try your luck there’s always next year (assuming he’s still participating)!

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