BMW makes some of the most technologically advanced cars on the market right now so if you’re a thief who’s considering jacking one, you might want to think twice after you hear about what happened to a thief in Seattle. According to a report, Seattle Police reached out to BMW for their help in apprehending a car thief. The company was able to remotely track and lock the car, effectively trapping the thief inside.


The report mentions that the suspect in question decided to take the victim’s BMW when he found the key fob mistakenly left inside the car.

Once the owner reported the car missing, the police got in touch with BMW and the German manufacturer used its tracking system to locate the car in Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood.

The company was able to remotely lock the car’s doors thus trapping the suspect inside. When police officers reached the scene they found the suspect locked inside and napping behind the wheel of the parked BMW. They woke him up and he tried to drive away but wasn’t able to do that as he was surrounded by the law.

He was then arrested on account of auto theft and drug possession after a search revealed that he was carrying a small amount of methamphetamine.

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