lenovo-yoga-book--04During IFA 2016 earlier this year, Lenovo debuted a rather interesting device in the form of the Yoga Book. What makes this such an interesting device, at least compared to other 2-in-1 tablet/hybrids out there is that it features a touch-sensitive keyboard attachment, which safe to say was very interesting.


The Yoga Book was also capable of either running Android or Windows (you’ll have to choose when you purchase it), but come 2017 it seems that Lenovo has plans to offer a Yoga Book that will run Chrome OS. This is according to a recent interview with Tom’s Guide (via 9to5Google) in which Lenovo’s Android and Chrome Computing Business Group president and VP Jeff Meredith confirmed it.

According to Meredith, he expects that this Chrome OS version of the Yoga Book will make its debut by mid-2017. He also offered up an interesting insight on the state of Android and Chrome OS, in which he seems to believe that eventually both platforms will merge together given that the Play Store has found its way onto Chrome OS.

Maybe he knows something we don’t, or he’s simply predicting what’s to come, but Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer had recently stated that there are no plans to merge Android or Chrome OS right now as there is no point and at most we’ll be seeing some kind of “cross-pollinating”. Either way if a Chrome OS version of the Yoga Book is of interest to you, then do keep an eye out for it next year.

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