Dyson Unveils Office Lights That Will Last 22 Years

Image credit - Dyson

Image credit – Dyson

One of the benefits of using LED lights is that they last longer and they consume less energy, so while they might cost more than regular lights, in the long run you should save yourself some money. However it seems that over at Dyson, they have created a lamp called the Cu-Beam Duo that will apparently last for 22 years before you need to change its bulb.

The best part is that it only requires 2 LED lights, in which one will be used for up light and the other for down light, but it will be bright enough thanks to the use of lenses that will help to spread the light. Its creator, Jake Dyson (the eldest son of James Dyson), discovered that LED lights, just like microchips, can overheat. By installing a heatsink, Dyson was able to keep the light cool enough to prevent it from damaging itself. This is how the Cu-Beam Duo is capable of lasting as long as it does.

Unfortunately in terms of availability, Dyson is positioning the Cu-Beam Duo as a lamp aimed for use in commercial/enterprise settings. This means that if you were hoping to get one or two for your home, you are not the intended market for now. There is also no word on pricing, but given Dyson’s offerings don’t exactly come cheap, we doubt the Cu-Beam Duo will be any different.

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