Many of us take for granted that we live in places where air pollution isn’t so bad and is actually liveable. However if you’ve seen photos of certain cities in China and India, then you know that there are some out there who are living in an almost perpetual state of smog which obviously isn’t the most healthy.

However it seems that Dyson might have something that could help. In a report from Bloomberg, they have discovered a patent filed by Dyson that basically describes a wearable air purifier that could potentially have headphone capabilities. This means that this device could pull double duty that could appeal to customers who would rather not walk around with multiple devices, and could also encourage adoption.

Dyson has declined to comment on the report, but it’s not hard to see why. Sometimes patents don’t necessarily become actual products and are used to help protect ideas that people and companies have. However Dyson has in the past created air purifiers (that also double as fans), so it’s not difficult to see the company attempt to create a portable version.

Also Dyson would not be the first to create a wearable purifier, so it’s not as if such devices did not exist beforehand, but it would be interesting to see if a wearable purifier and headphone combo might be of interest to consumers.

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