There are things that we didn’t really think needed revolutionizing, like the stand fan or the vacuum cleaner, but Dyson decided to go ahead and change up both either way and possibly for the better (we guess it depends on who you ask). Now it looks like the company has decided to shake things up by redesigning the humble hair dryer.


The hair dryer is a pretty straightforward tool we use to dry our hair. For the most part even the cheapest models can get the job done, but in case hair dryers are too loud or you tend to burn yourself from time to time, Dyson’s Supersonic might be for you, if you are willing to part ways with a lot of money.

With the Supersonic, Dyson has introduced a motor that is much smaller than traditional hair dryers. This results in the Supersonic being lighter and more efficient, and Dyson has tweaked it in such a way that the high-pitched noises emitted by hair dryers is all but gone, resulting in a relatively quiet hair drying experience.

Dyson has also borrowed some technology from its other products, like the air multiplier which helps the smaller Supersonic produce the same amount of air as a regular hair dryer, and because of the air being sucked in from the bottom, those of you with long hair don’t need to worry about your hair getting sucked into it.

There are also sensors placed around the heating elements of the Supersonic which ensures an even temperature is maintained, and should it go too high, it will shut it down. However like we said, revolution does not come cheap as Dyson is asking for a whopping $400 for the Supersonic, but hey if you think your hair is worth the investment, why not?

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