A couple of years ago, Dyson attempted to modernize and revolutionize the hair dryer, which they did although it did not come cheap, but it seems that the company’s attempts to revolutionize the hair industry isn’t quite over yet as Dyson has since taken the wraps off the Airwrap.

This is a hair curler that attempts to solve some of the problems with existing models, namely the heating issue where if hair curlers go above 300 degrees Fahrenheit, it can cause permanent damage to one’s hair. How they’ve managed to achieve this is by using tightly controlled streams of air and also the physics phenomenon Coanda Effect.

This helps create a circular motion around the barrel of the curler along with a mini vortex, which will automatically wrap strands of hair around it and combine that with the heat, it will help to curl hair. Dyson claims that because of this design, curling your hair will be much easier to do at home, and also reduces the risk of accidentally burning yourself.

There will be a bunch of different accessories and attachments that one can get for it, such as brushes, curlers, and more. Unfortunately as with all things Dyson, the Airwrap does not come cheap and will be priced starting at $500, with a complete kit going for $550.

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