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It was confirmed once again recently that Nokia-branded Android smartphones are going to be released next year. Nokia, the company we have all known for decades, has actually given a license to another Finnish company called HMD Global to sell smartphones under its iconic brand. This partnership marks Nokia’s return to the smartphone business ever since it sold its division to Microsoft. According to a new report, Google is “closely” involved in the development of the new Nokia smartphones.

HMD Global president Folrian Seiche has said that they won’t be skipping any markets for the new Nokia smartphones so in the long-term we may very well see these new handsets across all markets.

The company’s CEO Arto Nummela says that HMD Global wants to be one of the key competitive players in the global smartphone market. That’s an ambitious goal but they are at an advantage given that Nokia is synonymous with good quality mobile phones and is a brand that globally recognized.

Google has reportedly provided input to HMD Global on the new Nokia smartphones that it has been developing, though the company hasn’t revealed any details about these smartphones as yet.

HMD Global is expected to launch the new Nokia smartphones early next year.

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