While some of us like to keep our phones on silent, others might prefer to let audio through, and sometimes they even set it at max volume so that they can be sure to hear it when alerts or phone calls come through. However in the case of Google’s Pixel smartphones, setting it at max audio levels can be problematic.

According to a post on Reddit, it seems that the Pixel smartphones can’t do audio levels at the highest three levels of volume without the sound distorting. Sound distortion isn’t new and if you’ve maxed out speaker volume levels before, you know what we’re talking about. However for this problem to manifest itself at the three highest levels does seem a bit odd, and this is apparently a problem that quite a number of Pixel owners are complaining about.

You can actually hear the problem for yourself in the video above uploaded by Mark Buckman. He writes in the description, “This video demonstrates the static/popping/crackling noise that is an issue across both the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. This is an issue that I have personally seen on 5 devices and I am not the only one,” and links to the product support forums where other users are complaining as well.

According to a forum post by Orrin, the Pixel Community Manager, Google is investigating this issue but so far nothing seems to have been done. In the meantime Pixel owners are taking their devices in for exchanges. So are any of you guys experiencing similar problems with your Pixel?

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