BMW is going to show off a new infotainment technology at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 next month. It has provided a preview of the new technology called HoloActive Touch today. It basically puts a responsive floating display inside the car, the floating display is actually capable of providing the driver with tactile feedback so it would actually feel like they’re tapping on a real display when they’re just interacting with a floating display.

BMW’s HoloActive Touch system will show the driver information about navigation, music, and more. It will float in the air and provide tactile feedback in response to user interaction.

The system will have heads-up display features as well which would enable it to cover the driver’s field of view and give them detailed information about the car and the ride in an immersive environment.

Don’t expect to see this technology in BMW models starting next year, though. It’s part of the company’s vision for the future, systems like HoloActive Touch could be used in future BMW vehicles that are self-driving and fully connected.

BMW does point out that this is only a concept at this point in time so the actual product might be different if the company does decide to bring a version of this to cars. It may make us wait until fully autonomous cars are approved for the road otherwise.

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