leica m9If you’re looking forward to seeing what camera Leica might have in store for us next, you’ll be pleased to learn that you won’t have to wait too long to find out. This is because according to Leica Rumors, Leica has sent out invites to an event that they will be hosting on the 18th of January, 2017.

This event is expected to see the unveiling of the upcoming Leica M10, a camera which is expected to be the successor to the Leica M9 that was launched in 2009. In fact rumors of the Leica M10 had surfaced way back in 2012, so it looks like 2017 could finally be the year in which the camera will be officially revealed.

There is added proof that the camera does exist as according to Leica Rumors, they point out an FCC filing for the camera. As for the specs and features of the device, it’s really anyone’s guess at the moment. There is some speculation based on leaked photos, but otherwise there’s nothing concrete available at the moment just yet.

That being said that camera landscape has changed rather drastically over the years and we’ve seen Leica adapt themselves to the various changes, such as introducing the Leica Q, a full-frame fixed lens camera that seems to be the marriage between Fujifilm’s X100 series and Sony’s full-frame compact camera, so it will be interesting to see what modern innovations the Leica M10 will be bringing to the table.

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