apple-lightning-earpod-cable-updateYou would think that purchasing an Apple accessory from an online platform as old and reputable as Amazon would mean that you’re purchasing a legitimate product. Unfortunately that’s not the case as previously Apple had warned that 9 out 10 Apple accessories sold on Amazon are fakes.

This in itself is pretty worrying and disturbing, but what makes it worse is that now according to safety tests commissioned by Trading Standards, not only are these accessories fake, but 99% of them fail basic safety tests! This means that they are both fake and dangerous at the same time, a pretty bad combination if you ask us.

Based on the tests, it seems that only 3 out of the 400 chargers that were tested were found to have adequate insulting to ensure that the user did not get electrocuted. Now we guess to be fair, purchasing a fake product means that you probably understand that maybe it isn’t of the best quality.

However in some cases, you might not know you’re purchasing a fake, which means that you think you’re paying for a real and presumably safe product. We get that original accessories are priced higher than fakes, but sometimes for the sake of safety, maybe that $10-20 extra might be a good idea.

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