apple-macbook-pro-2A few days ago, we reported that there were several users who have been claiming that the battery life on their MacBook Pro laptops aren’t even coming close to the advertised battery life that Apple is claiming. The company has advertised 10 hours of battery, but users are reporting 5-6 hours.

Unfortunately it seems that those complaints are growing, and 9to5Mac speculates that some of those complaints could be due to a misrepresentation of the estimated battery life. In their own testing, they found that the estimated battery life on the MacBook Pro shows 3 hours 22 minutes despite being at 95% charge.

However subsequent usage to drain its battery found that it took about 6 hours to get it down to 3%, meaning that what was displayed is clearly not the same as what users actually experience. Apple themselves have acknowledged that this number might not be 100% accurate as the estimates will change depending on what your computer is doing at the moment, but perhaps smoothening out the fluctuations might not be such a bad idea.

That being said, this doesn’t really diminish the fact that there are still plenty of users out there who are claiming less than satisfactory battery life. So far Apple has yet to respond to those claims, but hopefully they will soon. After all no one likes paying $2,000 for a laptop that dies after 5-6 hours, right?

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