nintendo_switchThe upcoming Nintendo Switch will be a home console and a portable console. From what we saw, gamers plug the Switch into the dock when they’re at home, and remove it from the dock when they want to play on the go. It was largely assumed that the dock was simply a means to connect it to the TV.

However a recent tweet by Laura Kate Dale of LetsPlayVideoGames has revealed that the dock for the Switch will actually help to “boost” its performance. According to Dale, apparently when connected to the dock, it will allow the console to run at a higher clock rate in order to achieve Full HD 1080p resolutions on the TV.

Thanks to the use of USB-C (which was revealed in a recent accessories listing), both video and power can be transferred at the same time. Plugging the console into the dock will also activate an additional fan that will help keep the console cool while it is running at a higher clock speed. Dale claims that the dock is meant to be cheap to produce with the idea that gamers could install multiple docks around the home so that they can play in whichever room they want (as long there’s a TV/display to connect to).

So far Dale and her posts on LetsPlayVideoGames has been a treasure trove of Switch-related rumors/leaks, and it seems to have earned her and the website a place on Nintendo’s blacklist as they were not invited for Nintendo’s Switch presentation in January, 2017. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but if the rumors are true it certainly sounds like the Switch is shaping up to be a very interesting console.

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