galaxy-note-7-design_27-frontBy now we are hoping that the majority of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handset owners have either returned the phone for a refund or an exchange. For those who haven’t, Samsung has been offering various incentives to get them to bring the phone in, but if users are going to be stubborn, what’s the company to do?

Over in New Zealand, local carriers have blacklisted the handset which means that they will no longer be usable on local networks. It seems that Australia has decided to follow suit and have revealed that come 15th December, any Note 7 handsets still in use will no longer be usable on local carrier networks.

According to the announcement by Samsung, “Samsung Electronics Australia is working with local telecommunications operators to discontinue Australian network services for Galaxy Note7 devices that are still being used in Australia. The network discontinuation will commence from December 15 and is part of Samsung’s ongoing safety measures to recover all affected Galaxy Note7 devices.”

Basically if you haven’t returned your phone by then, you’ll be left with a very expensive paperweight that can pretty much only connect to WiFi. Like we said Samsung has been making the push for users to return their phones, such as limiting maximum battery charges, constant notices, but hopefully this will force the remaining few users to actually turn their phones in.

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