Games like Rockband and Guitar Hero allow gamers to jam along to popular music. For the most part they consist of rock/pop-rock songs which we guess makes sense given that those genres typically rely on the use of the same instruments as the game. There was also DJ Hero that was aimed more at those who preferred electronic music.


So where is the love for classical music listeners? The good news is that if you do prefer music of the classical variety, the folks at Superb Corp. have unveiled their upcoming game in the form of Pianista. This is a mobile phone game that basically sees players play the “piano” in the style of Guitar Hero/Rockband where your finger tries to follow the notes that comes down from the screen.

Like we said this is aimed at classical music lovers so if you do enjoy music from the genre, this will be a game to look forward to. It is set for a release for iOS devices come mid-December but there is no mention if the game will be released for a fixed price, or if it will be free with ads, or if we can expect microtransactions. In any case if you are curious and interested, you can check out the video above for a brief demo of the game in action.

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