google-pixelGoogle’s Pixel smartphones are supposed to be the company’s latest and greatest smartphones. They are also expected to represent a new lineup of smartphones from the company that are no longer part of the Nexus family, but unfortunately it seems that the phones are presenting quite a bit of problems to its owners.

According to some Pixel owners, it seems that their phones are freezing up at random. At first some users suspected that it could be a Live360 Family Locator app that was causing the problems, but as Ausdroid points out, they have been experiencing the random freezes as well and they do not have the app installed on their phone.

As for the random freezes, the duration seems to vary from under 30 seconds and in worse situations, it lasted for over a minute, after which a hard reset was necessary in order to get the phone up and running again. Google has yet to officially acknowledge the problem so it is unclear as to what might be causing the freezes.

Like we said this isn’t the first time the Pixel has been giving its owners problems. Earlier we reported that certain features like the double-tap to wake seems to have stopped working for some users. There have also been reports that the phone’s speakers are distorting audio at higher volume levels. Any of our readers out there with Pixel handsets experiencing these random freeze ups as well?

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