spectacles_snapOne of the downsides to technology like smart glasses is that it is usually assumed that whoever is wearing is not wearing prescription glasses, or that they have contact lenses. Effectively this does limit its use. The good news is that if you were eager to try Snapchat’s Spectacles but you need powered lenses, you’re in luck as prescription Spectacles are now available.

In an announcement by Rochester Optical, it seems that they have launched prescription services for the device. The company itself won’t be selling Spectacles (you’ll still have to get your own pair), but they are offering lenses that will be compatible with them, meaning that you’ll have to buy the Spectacles, ship them off to the company who will then cut a special lens that will fit the device.

If you’re wondering why the company’s name sounds familiar, it is because they have previously worked with the likes of Microsoft and Google for prescription versions of the HoloLens and Google Glass respectively. There will be a few versions available, with the basic lens starting at $99 but will be increased based on prescription strength, lens type, coating, and so on.

Like we said you will need to own a pair of Spectacles first, but if you already do and want to get some prescription lenses for them, then hit up Rochester Optical’s website to place an order for them.

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