swtor-logoBy now we can only assume that most of you guys have heard the sad news that “Star Wars” actress, author, and screenwriter Carrie Fisher has passed away at the age of 60. This is no doubt a pretty stinging loss, but fans of the actress and the movie franchise have banded together within Star Wars: The Old Republic game and are holding memorials in her name.

In this post on Reddit, it looks like various SWTOR players have banded together on various servers and are hosting their own memorials dedicated to the actress. The memorials are held across The Ebon Hawk, The Harbinger, and The Shadowlands servers, and take place in Castle Organa on planet Alderaan, which we reckon is probably the most fitting place to have it.

Hosting memorials within games is a pretty common practice, whether it be for a player who passed away, or for other celebrities who have ties to the game. In some instances developers further immortalize those people by creating in-game characters based around them, so this gathering by the community shouldn’t be a total surprise.

In the meantime it seems that Fisher is reported to have completed her filming for 2017’s Star War: Episode VIII, so for now it seems that the movie’s release will not be impacted by her passing.

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