Earlier this week we reported on an app called Finder for AirPods. As the name suggests, the app’s main purpose was to enable users to locate missing AirPods. It served a noble purpose given how easy it is to lose one of the wireless earbuds that aren’t really cheap to begin with. While the $3.99 app was available for download via the App Store for a few days, Apple isn’t happy with it for some reason and has decided to remove it.

These wireless earbuds are very easy to lose or misplace. One can easily get buried in your couch and then trying to locate it wouldn’t exactly be easy.

The Finder for AirPods app aimed to make it easier to locate the earbuds. It used the AirPods’ Bluetooth signal to track them. The signal increased based on the strength of the signal and showed users whether they were close to tracking them down. Even though it was an inaccurate way of tracking the small objects, it was really the only way to track AirPods.

Apple has now removed the Finder for AirPods app from the App Store. The company has not provided a reason for this move so it’s unclear what problem it has with the app that it first allowed to be listed on the App Store.

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