finder_for_airpodsApple’s AirPods are basically EarPods without a wire along with some fancy technology. This means that they’re tiny and the fact that the earbuds exist separate from one another without a cable tying them together means it’s pretty easy to just misplace one, which can be annoying since no one likes headphones in which only one side works, right?

While Apple has yet to come up with a solution to track missing earbuds, third-party developers have which has resulted in an app called “Finder for AirPods”. As the app’s name suggests, this is an app that helps locate missing AirPods by trying to detect its wireless signature. Your mileage may vary but as it stands, the app has a 4.5/5 star rating which seems to suggest that for the most part, it works.

Note that this won’t help you locate your AirPods if you left them at work or in school and you’re trying to track it from home. Instead this seems to be more handy for those times where your AirPods might have fallen into the side of the couch, the back of your bed, into the recesses of your bag, and so on.

The app is not free and is priced at $3.99, but if you find yourself dropping the earbuds quite often, perhaps this could be worth the small investment. After all it is still significantly cheaper than paying $69 to replace an earbud, right?

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