[CES 2017] Last year at CES, you might recall that the folks at Casio launched a smartwatch in the form of the WSD-F10. Given Casio’s history with watches, we guess it was only a matter of time before they branched out into smartwatches. That being said, the company is back again this year with a new smartwatch, the WSD-F20.

If you’re looking at the device above and wondering if we got the image wrong, nope, it seems that for the most part the WSD-F20 looks pretty much like its predecessor, the WSD-F10. So what’s changed? According to Casio, the WSD-F20 will feature low-power GPS and color map functionality that can also be used when offline, thus making it less dependent on smartphones.

This is thanks to data pulled from Mapbox and where maps can also be downloaded in advance if you think that you’re going somewhere where you might not have an internet connection. There will also be a new Location Memory app that lets users customize maps by adding markets and text.

Other than that, it seems that Casio has decided to maintain the same rugged design from the WSD-F10, which is great if you plan on using the device outdoors quite often and are looking for a watch that can withstand some abuse.

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