earin-m-2[CES 2017] While wireless headphones are an option, if you prefer something small and more discreet, you might be interested to learn that Earin has announced that successor to the M-1 wireless earbud in the form of the Earin M-2 at CES 2017, giving users another alternative to Apple’s AirPods earbuds.

For those unfamiliar, Earin debuted the M-1 on Kickstarter several years ago, and based on the design of the M-2, it seems that the company has decided to upgrade the look, which we have to admit is looking a lot more stylish than its predecessor. It was also designed to “catch” sound and help provide noise isolation.

It is also pretty functional as not only do they deliver sound, but a touch interface on the tip of the earbud will let users control playback of music, answer calls, and so on. The M-2s will come in a docking capsule of its own and will provide about 3 charges to the earbuds, with each charge expected to give the M-2 about 3 hours of battery life, with the recharging of the capsule itself taking about 75 minutes.

Pricing of the M-2 was not disclosed but given that the M-1 was priced at $200, we expect the M-2 shouldn’t deviate too far from that range. It is also expected to be released in late Q1 2017.

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